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Generative Audiovisual Installation


Thresholds is a study into of the function of indeterminacy and cross-modal perception in audio-visual art. The investigation focuses on how chance systems can be effectively presented across two senses, and in tandem with fixed composition.

The study highlights the tensions between Cagean notions of silence (Cage, J. 1957) through the indeterminate soundscapes, and ambient music’s curation of an asocial space (Szabo, V.2015). Eno serves as a lynchpin between the indeterminacy and ambient genres, and the fixed composition underscoring the installation draws heavily on his early ambient works. The reduced sample banks for chance audition, as well as liberties taken in curation of the installation draw influence from his own approach to indeterminate composition “Knowing what he is planting but not quite what will grow where and when” (Eno, B. Duerden, N. 2012).

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